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e-ased.org, vol. 28, no. 1, pp.1-1, January, 2012

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5635/ASED.2012.28.1.001

Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity (ASED): The New Title of the Journal

Hang Lee, Chang-Bae Kim
Editors-in-Chief Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity(ASED)

Abstract: The first issue of the Korean Journal of Systematic Zoology (KJSZ) as the official scientific journal for the Korean Society of Systematic Zoology (KSSZ) was published on November 1985 with six articles. During the last 27 years, KJSZ has published 759 original papers of 66 regular issues in 27 volumes until November 2011. It has also published 40 original papers in 8 special issues resulting in a total of 799 papers. Thus, KJSZ has well served as a primary scientific medium for the systematic zoologists in Korea for the last three decades. However, we believe that it is time for the journal to begin a new stage. In a joint meeting between the KSSZ Board of Directors and the KJSZ Editorial Board members on January 21, 2011, we passed a resolution that the Journal needs to be internationalized to better serve the international community of systematic zoology. After one year of preparation, we are transforming KJSZ into an international journal to serve a wider range of scientific communities in the East Asian region from the January issue of 2012. In order to make the scope of the journal go well beyond the Korean Peninsula, a new title ‘Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity (ASED)’ has been adopted in order to accommodate all aspects of evolutionary biology, biodiversity and its conservation in the discipline of animal systematics. The journal will accept original contributions of systematics, conservation biology, and evolutionary biology with a preference of systematic works such as discovery of new taxa, taxonomic reviews and revisions, phylogenetics and population genetics, biogeography and phylogeography, and biodiversity studies concerning animal taxa in East Asia. ASED will be published four times a year and manuscripts are accepted only through its online submission and review system in English (http://e-ASED.org). ASED will succeed the tradition of KJSZ as the official scientific journal of KSSZ, but will also assume a new role as the central medium to rapidly disseminate scientific discovery within the East Asian region in the field of animal systematic, evolution and diversity. Please inform your colleagues about the launch of ASED. We appreciate all the Editorial Board members who have agreed to assume the responsible positions, and all the KSSZ members who continuously supported the transformation of the journal into ASED.

Keyword: Editorial