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Author Guidelines
Manuscript Preparation.
  Before preparing your submission, you are highly recommended to open the attached pdf file at the uppermost part of this page, and to read the "Author Guidelines" carefully. All articles submitted to the ASED must comply with these instructions. Failure to do so will result in return of the manuscript and possible delay in publication. As you prepare to submit your manuscript, a checklist for author(s) should be completed in the online manuscript submission center at http://e-ASED.org.

  Manuscripts should be submitted in English. Authors are strongly recommended to have their manuscripts edited by a native English speaker before submission. Authors have to upload a certificate or a document (or a letter to the editor including relevant statement) in the submission process that they have followed the requirement. All manuscripts should be submitted as MS Word files (.doc or .docx files).

Manuscript submission.
  Manuscript submission is only available through the online manuscript submission center at http://e-ASED.org (Go to a main menu in the left side, "SUBMISSION AND REVIEW / AUTHORS"). For assistance, please contact us via e-mail (systzoology@hanmail.net), telephone (+82-2-569-0133), or fax (+82-2-569-0144).

Peer Review.
  Peer review involves the following steps: 1) Editorial office checks formatting, 2) Editor-in-chief assigns a subject editor, 3) Subject editor assigns at least three peer reviewers, 4) Reviewers submit review reports, 5) Subject editor makes recommendations, 6) Editor-in-chief makes final decision, and 7) Author is informed of decision. An initial decision will normally be made within one month of receipt of a manuscript. However, the reviewing process will normally take longer, depending on the length of the manuscript and reviewerĄ¯s responses.

Publication charge.
  ASED has no article submission charges. The page charge is US $25 per printed page. For color printing, $80.00 per page is charged to authors regardless of their membership in the society. Color figures in the online edition are free of charge (the print version will be in black and white unless otherwise requested). Twenty-five off-prints of each paper are provided for free; more copies may be ordered at current prices. Waivers can be offered to students, retired scientists, who are editors or active reviewers in ASED, and scientists working in low-income countries, if they are sole authors of a manuscript. No off-prints will be provided to the authors when the page charge is exempted.

  Authors retain the copyright basically. However, they will be recommended to transfer it to the publisher of ASED, the Korean Society of Systematic Zoology (KSSZ), for providing immediate open access to all contents in their article. Acceptance of the agreement will help to disseminate the article to the widest possible readership in print and electronic formats, and finally reward the authors benefits of a higher visibility and increased citation rate of their papers. In case authors consent to transfer the copyright and license to KSSZ, they will complete a Copyright Transfer Form at the time of proofreading.