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Gi-Sik Min
(Inha University, Korea)
Seong Myeong Yoon
(Chosun University, Korea)
Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity (ASED) is published quarterly by the Korean Society of Systematic Zoology. The ASED is a peer-reviewed international journal for rapid publication of original articles on the systematic zoology, evolution and biodiversity. ASED accepts contributions on systematics, conservation biology, and evolutionary biology with a preference toward systematic works such as discovery of new taxa, taxonomic reviews and revisions, phylogenetics and population genetics, biogeography and phylogeography, and biodiversity studies concerning animal taxa of the Korean peninsula and surrounding areas of East Asia. ASED is indexed by CrossRef, KoreaScience, DBpia, BIOSIS Previews, DOAJ and Zoological Record.

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All Aspects of Systematic Zoology Including Description of Taxa
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Biodiversity Studies
CURRENT ISSUE : Vol. 37, Number 3, July, 2021
The Etymology of Scientific Names for Korean Mammals
Yeong-Seok Jo1, John L. Koprowski2, John T. Baccus3, Jung-Sun Yoo4,*
Hemiaegina minuta Mayer, 1890 belonging to the family Caprellidae was collected from Jeju Island in Korea. This species has extensive habitats worldwide but it is the first record of the genus Hemiaegina from Korean waters. This monotypic species of the genus Hemiaegina has the following characteristics: gnathopod 1, propodus with a roundly swollen proximal projection; gnathopod 2, propodus with a bilobed triangular process; pereonite 2 with a pair of projections ventrally; and pereopod 7, propodus with a serrated palm. In this study, H. minuta is fully illustrated based on the mature specimens.
So-Yeon Shin, Jun-Haeng Heo, Young-Hyo Kim*
Lobohalacarus weberi (Acari, Halacaridae) from Shallow Ground Waters in South Korea
Jong Hak Shin1, Jimin Lee2, Cheon Young Chang1,*
DNA Barcoding of Benthic Ragworms of the Genus Nectoneanthes (Polychaeta: Nereididae) Collected in Korean Waters
Taeseo Park
First Record of Scolelepis (Scolelepis) daphoinos (Annelida: Polychaeta: Spionidae) in South Korea
Geon Hyeok Lee, Gi-Sik Min*
DNA Barcoding of Two Gonioctena Species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Described from the Korean Peninsula
Hee-Wook Cho, Sang Ki Kim*
The First Record of Leocratides kimuraorum (Annelida, Hesionidae) from Korea, with DNA Barcode Data
Hana Kim1,2, Gi-Sik Min2,*
New Record of Seven Soil Ciliates (Ciliophora: Stichotrichia) from Korea
Kyu-Seok Chae1, Kang-San Kim2, Gi-Sik Min1,*
External and Cranial Characteristics of Mustela sibirica quelpartis on Jeju Island
Jun Won Lee, Hong Shik Oh*
Three New Species of Anthessius (Copepoda, Cyclopoida, Anthessiidae) Associated with Mollusks
Jimin Lee1, Il-Hoi Kim2,*